DIY Warrior Shirt



Hi all ~

I have been wanting to post some more about my Harry Potter party, but I was so busy these past couple weeks that I am unable to complete an in-depth blog post at the moment.  So in place of it, I am writing a short post on how I made my warrior shirt for the Warrior Dash this past weekend.

Warrior Dash is a 5K run with 14 obstacles along the way and mud pits to get dirty in by the end of the finish line.  I had such a blast, and I cannot wait for my next one.

To keep with the warrior theme and save money, my team and I decided to just cut up old T-shirts and put on sweatbands and face paint like we were ready for battle.  Everyone made their own version of the shirt, but I feel we still looked very cohesive in the end.






To create my shirt, I cut off the collar and sleeves and cut further to create an asymmetrical neckline.  I then decided where I wanted my slashes to be and started snipping and tearing.  To create the open and gaping slashes, you snip in the middle of where you want your slash to be and pull on both sides to tear the shirt.  This also creates a worn down and beaten effect.  To create less gaping slashes, you simply cut the whole slash with scissors.  [First picture below shows the front of the shirt with more open and worn out slashes while the second picture shows the back and has more clean and less gaping slashes.]



I also cut off the seamed edges of the cut out shirt sleeves and used them like ribbons to tie it into a sleeveless shirt.  [The picture above is an incomplete version of my shirt and only shows one of the sleeves tied up.  The picture below shows that both my sleeves are tied up.]



In retrospect, I really did like how my warrior shirt turned out and it put me in the warrior spirit; but if you decide to make and wear this for a mud run, make sure it’s a warm day.  The day was not completely sunny, and there were cold breezes that ran through the gashes in my shirt, which made waiting in the long lines for the bag check AND the separate long lines for the showers absolute torture!  You would think the mud would insulate some sort of heat, but it most definitely didn’t.  Now I know why elephants cake themselves in mud on hot days..  So before wearing, either check the weather, or have your family and friends there to hold your bags while cheering you on.



Hope this pumps you up to try a muddy 5K yourself.  Just have fun, be safe, and don’t take it too seriously.  It’s a welcoming environment for people of all fitness levels, and even complete strangers helped each other along the way.

Please feel free to comment below and let me know your experiences with mud runs.  I would also love to know more tips and tricks on tackling a 5K, if you have any.



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