DIY Aragog/Giant Spider Decoration



Here are the steps to make your very own Aragog!  It is rather simple and very cheap.

1) Materials needed are: Wrapping paper, something to use as filling (I used leftover padding from a mail-in package. Newspaper could also work), scissors, hot glue, and tape.


2) Form the head and body with your filling (tape to hold the form if needed), and wrap it with wrapping paper. Tape the ends of the wrapping paper underneath the formed head and body. Once the body and head are formed, hot glue the head and body together. Flatten and shape as needed.


3) Now for the legs! Lay out your wrapping paper, and start rolling in from one edge to determine how thick you want your spider’s legs to be. Once you figured out how thick you want your spider’s legs, mark where it is rolled to with a pen or snip the edge.


4) Turn the wrapping paper around, design side down, and crease from the marked point to the other end. Cut out the rectangular piece you just folded.


5) Now the rectangular piece could be used to measure your other 7 legs. Lay the cut out piece on top of the wrapping paper and mark to make 7 other rectangular pieces of the same size. Cut each rectangular piece out to make 8 rectangles in total.


6) With each rectangle, lay it out, design side up, and roll inwards from the longer edge. Keep rolling until you reach the end, and tape to secure.


7) Once all eight legs are made, approximate where you would like to place each leg and bend the leg piece where you think it looks best (bend close to the center of each leg).


8) Hot glue each leg to the body. You can also tape the legs, but hot glue keeps the legs more securely in place. [NOTE: I adjusted the placement of the front two legs so that it was further back from the head. The legs on the finished product are different from the picture below.]


9) Once the glue is dried, spray paint the top and bottom of the spider black. You may have to spray multiple coats to make the color opaque because the spray paint drips a little off the paper.



And there you have your very own creepy Aragog! I could see this giant spider being perfect for Halloween as well, and all you need to do is be creative with leftover materials.

Please feel free to comment below, and check out my other posts on my blog, including my Harry Potter birthday party.




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