DIY Star Decorations and Star Stirrers


For my last and final tutorial on the Oscars, I will show you how to make these cute 3D stars and star drink stirrers.  I originally made these stars for my Golden Globes party this year, but if you want a little more gold and laidback décor, these would be very appropriate for your party.

For the 3D star decorations, I used this tutorial from Strawberry Chic.  The tutorial provides you a downloadable template of three different star shapes (you can directly go to the template link here).  Print the template out on cardstock or a stiffer paper, and cut out stars.  The basic idea is that each star you trace and cut out should have a matching pair, and you will cut a slit where appropriate to combine together into a 3D effect.  For detailed instructions, please check out the tutorial on Strawberry Chic’s blog.


For the golden star stirrers, I used the same template using the smallest star.  Once the stars are cut out and spray painted gold, follow this simple tutorial to make your very own drink stirrers.

1) Grab a hot glue gun and some plain wooden drink stirrers. {I used small bamboo skewers because that’s all I had on hand.}

2) Once your hot glue gun is plugged in and ready to use, squeeze about an inch long or so of hot glue from the top of the stirrer.


3) Carefully place the bottom two-thirds of the star onto the hot glue.


4) If you decide to personalize your drink stirrers for each guest, it’s easier to write their names before hot gluing the star onto the stirrer.  It could also be fun to write winning categories instead of names, such as “Best Actor” or  “Best Director.”  Or get creative and designate who’s “Best Drama Queen” or “Best Tearjerker.”


That’s the end of my tutorial!  I hope you have fun making these and that they will pretty up your cocktails.  Please feel free to leave comments and your own suggestions on what you think makes a great Oscar party.  And if you haven’t already, please check out my other two posts this past week based on the Oscars (12 Foolproof Tips and Oscars Party Flashback).

Hope you guys have a great Oscar Sunday!


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